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The co-operation between Harter and Suomalainen Engineering Consulting Oy in the food drying field was established in 2016. We are Harter's representative on the Finnish and Estonian markets.

„Fast, gentle and reliable drying“
Harter has been developing, manufacturing and selling energy-saving industrial drying systems for 25 years. Their developed Airgenex® heat pump based condensation drying technology is an efficient solution for any drying challenge. HARTER offers consultancy, R&D, engineering and design.
They provide a high in-house production depth, incl. construction of refrigeration systems, plastic systems, metal processing, control engineering as well as air-conditioning. HARTER also offers an after-sales-service.

AIRGENEX®food is based on a highly efficient drying technology, which is capable of combining seemingly conflicting features such as low temperatures and short drying times. The use of extremely dry air at temperatures between 20° C and 90° C combined with customized forced air routing enables excellent drying results. The integrated heat pump technology provides highest efficiency. Drying is accomplished in a closed system and, thus, is fully independent of the climate and the manufacturing facilities.

Positive results in terms of bioactivity, aromas and appearance are always achieved. AIRGENEX®food condensation drying is a flexible system, which may be integrated in any process. Air dehumidification using a heat pump is suitable for both batch and continuous operations. AIRGENEX®food drying systems meet hygienic design requirements.

Drying examples:
Drying examples
But also different kinds of berries, pomace, beef jerky, chips, and much more.

With HARTER’s pilot plant station customer products can be tested to determine the parameters for successful drying such as temperature, humidity, drying time, air speed and airflow. The tests are free of charge for our customers.

For more information about HARTER and its products, please consult us!